We at Sunplugged drive solar cell production towards a new purifying simplicity. By adapting solar modules to each specific application, designers can focus on their products and make solar energy generation adapt to their needs. This new way of solar integration not only results in a beautiful appearance, but also in lower integration efforts and costs for engineers and product designers.


The best solar cell is one that perfectly adapts to the shape and electric requirement of a building or device

This guiding aspiration not only turns out to be possible, but also efficient and simple. The demand for aesthetically integrated photovoltaic materials is increasing in many industries. A growing number of designers, architects and industrial manufacturers across the world share a common interest in using photovoltaics as a source of energy in product and building designs.

All todays solar modules however are based on fixed four squared shapes and a fixed electric output. This is great for large low cost solar plants, but turns out to be costly, inefficient and unpractical when integrated into electric devices or building projects. Also up to today design demands have not played a role within the solar manufacturing industry.

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