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Since 2010, Sunplugged has been developing its own proprietary CIGS thin-film solar cell and a novel solar cell interconnection scheme that allows the production of customised photovoltaic foils for seamless integration into a multitude of applications. Due to its adaptability in respect to size, shape and voltage, lightweight and homogenous appearance, Sunplugged´s flexible CIGS foil is an ideal raw material for building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products. Besides this, Sunplugged has extensive experience in the development of solar integrated products for buildings, vehicles and electronic devices independently from the underlying photovoltaic techniques.

The best solar cell is one that perfectly adapts to the shape and electric requirement of a building or device.

We at Sunplugged drive solar cell production towards a new purifying simplicity. By adapting solar modules to each specific application, designers can focus on their products and make solar energy generation adapt to their needs. This new way of solar integration not only results in a beautiful appearance, but also in lower integration efforts and costs for engineers and product designers.


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Production Plans are getting real!

June 2020 /

With June, we want to start the first production 5mW modules. We are also planning to start selling our solar foil in 2023.


Sunplugged starts Solarwin

October 2019 /

Sunplugged will start the new Project „Solarwin“ together with Physee. Therefore we are developing highly customized PV modules for the next generation of transparent photovoltaic windows.