Made to Measure Photovoltaics

The best solar cell is one that perfectly adapts to the shape.

Made to Measure

shapes and sizes for solar-powered products and buildings

Right Voltage

Whatever you require, Sunplugged offers the right voltage


Sunplugged's solar foil convinces with low weight and flexible use


Our foil ensures stability and for sure durability that will not let you down

High Yields

Thanks to the high energy yields, integration of the simplified product is versatile

Low cost

roll-to-roll production process combined with digital controlled module shaping

We provide high efficiency solar material based on CIGS (Cadmium, Indium, Gallium and Selenide) technology. Sunplugged’s solarfoil uses a specially designed semiconductor to achieve high efficiencies. Our target efficiency for first applications is in the range of 10-12%, depending on module layout and shape.



Why Sunplugged?

„Sunplugged’s Solarfoil is the right mix of excellent energy yields, low weight and freedom for ergonomic design.“

– Stefan Ponsold, CEO Sunnybag


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