To meet the requirements of engineers and designers, our process is similar to how a tailor shop works. The fabric, or basic material, is an endless thin-film solar cell which is then tailored to individual requirements.

How does it work?

Decide for a desired voltage shape and size
On this basis we calculate the optimal contacting for the solar module
The solar fabric is cut to the desired shape and size
Through the new MonoScribe technology the contacting is applied to produce the desired voltage

Through the development of the MonoScribe contacting method we not only achieved to eliminate three production steps, but also are the first to develop a profitable automated production process to build flawless customized solar modules.

Benefits for Designers and Engineers

The most beautiful integration of solar technology
Almost infinite design freedom
Sunplugged undertakes the entire customization process
Easy to follow solar module development support
Optimal shape utilization increases efficiency
Optimal fit of solar module decreases installation costs
Automated process decreases customization costs
Any voltage output can be developed