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What's it?

The solar foil is a thin-film photovoltaic cell that is made by depositing thin layers on a flexible substrate. In our case the absorber is made of Copper, Indium, Gallium, Selenide (CIGS). Methods of fabrication involve vacuum processes including co-evaporation, magnetron sputtering and wet chemical deposition.

Projekte: 829924 und 821877; SimpliCIS und SimpliCIS 2 Flexible DŸnnschichtsolarmodule; Fa. Sunplugged-Solare Energiesysteme GmbH; Mag. Andreas Zimmermann; 0699 10090546; andreas.zimmermann@sunplugged.info

From Fab to Lab

We are currently scaling-up our technologies for mass production. Sunplugged has already started to commission a full Roll-to-Roll production for its unique Solarpfoil. Facility scaled-up to be ready to mass production.


Located in the middle of Europe

Our production is located in the vicinity of Innsbruck,Austria. Here between snowy mountains and green meadows a 5 MMpeak production is planned.

Laser Scribing

Efficient High-Tech Manufacturing