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The best solar cell is one that perfectly adapts to the shape.

The solar foil that adapts to the requirements of its application

In order to achieve an unprecedented freedom of design, Sunplugged develops its own proprietary thin-film solar cell since 2010. Our photovoltaic modules are lightweight, flexible and easy to integrate. Even low quantities can be produced economically and the design is optimized according to the requirements of our customers.

Made to Measure

shapes and sizes for solar-powered products and buildings

Right Voltage

Whatever you require, Sunplugged offers the right voltage


Sunplugged's solar foil convinces with low weight and flexible use

Super slim

High Yields

Thanks to the high energy yields, integration of the simplified product is versatile


Our foil ensures stability and for sure durability that will never ever let you down

Like a tailor we work with an endless material

To the meet the requirements of engineers and designers, our process is similar to how a tailor shop works; the fabric, or basic material, is an endless thin-film solar cell which is then tailored to individual requirements. Customers decide on a desired voltage shape and size. On this basis we calculate the optimal contacting for the solar module. The solar fabric is cut to the desired shape and size.

The solar foil is a thin-film photovoltaic cell that is made by depositing thin layers on a flexible substrate. In our case the absorber is made of Copper, Indium, Gallium, Selenide (CIGS). Methods of fabrication involve vacuum processes including co-evaporation, magnetron sputtering and wet chemical deposition.