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Meet the team

with a lot of team spirit, ambition and motivation

Sunplugged’s achievements have been acquired thanks to the team members. Here the professional experience of the Sunplugged team is described.


Mag. Andreas Zimmermann, CEO

Mechanical Engineer & Master Degree in Economics

Andreas Zimmermann has worked as Mechanical Engineer in several manufacturing companies (automotive, structural engineering) with a focus on product design and quality management. Andreas Zimmermann has more than 20 years of experience as a technology entrepreneur and in 2006 established Sunplugged GmbH. Zimmermann has participated successfully in numerous national and international research projects in leading roles and also as a scientific manager of the projects in the field of thin-film photovoltaic to be integrated in products.

Dr. Slimane Ghodbane, COO

PhD. in Physics and Energy at the University of Josef Fourier, France 

He has been working on the deposition, optimization and use of thin film semiconductors for the last 8 years. He was involved in several French, Austrian and European research projects since 2003. He is experienced in chemical vapour deposition techniques, surface modification, thin film characterization and project management. Slimane Ghodbane joined Sunplugged in 2014 as development of industrial scale thin-film processes. In addition, he is responsible also for the development and implementation of characterisation techniques along the process chains in Sunplugged´s pilot manufacturing.


Dr. Daniel Huber, CEO

PhD. in Applied Physics at University of Innsbruck, Austria

He has worked in the field of thin film technology in several national and international research projects since 2004. He is experienced in plasma deposition processes, process characterisation, thin film characterisation, and project management. Daniel Huber is involved in the development of thin-film solar cells since 2009 and joined Sunplugged as R&D staff in 2011. He is leading the CIGS solar cell research at Sunplugged. Daniel Huber has developed all industrial thin-film production processes established at Sunplugged’s pilot production line and a novel, flexible solar cell based on compound semiconductors.

Dr. Martina Harnisch

PhD in Ion Physics at the University of Innsbruck, Austria

She has worked in the field of ion-surface interactions, surface analysis and vacuum physics since 201 and authored several publications on that topic. Furthermore Martina Harnisch has experience in ink jet printing, thin film characterization and processing and in project management. She joined Sunplugged as R&D staff in 2016. Martina Harnisch is responsible for the development and optimization of the Monoscribe interconnection of the thin film solar material in order to produce efficient, flexible PV modules.

Christian Perfler

Electrical Engineer

Mr. Christian Perfler is an expert on photovoltaic module technologies with special focus on building and device integration of photovoltaics. He works since 2006 as development engineer in this field and has developed module technologies for crystalline silicon solar cells as well for novel solar cell technologies. Among his most important achievements are the development of an easy adjustable cell interconnection for thin-film solar cells, the upscaling of printing processes for the industrial production of dye-sensitized solar modules for building facades and the development of lightweight PV modules based on crystalline Silicon solar cells.

Christoph Kammerlander, MsC

Master of Applied Physics at the University of Innsbruck

Christoph Kammerlander is a trained electronics engineer and studied applied physics.He has worked in the field of thin film characterisation and process development at the University of Innsbruck and has got the experience in plasma deposition processes, and process characterisation. Christoph Kammerlander joined Sunplugged in 2019 and is now responsible for the optimisation of the Roll-to-Roll sputtering processes for all backside layers (rear contact, doping layer) and for the development of an all-in-one sputtering process to apply the non-toxic buffer together with the other window layers.

Nikolaus Weinberger, MsC

Master in Material Science and Nanoschience

He is an expert in methodical material characterization. Besides his function in Sunplugged GmbH, he is currently doing his PhD on material properties of thin film Photovoltaic on the material of Sunplugged. He recently spent half a year in Berlin at the PVcomB, a respected Competence Center for Thin Film Photovoltaic. There he expanded his expertise in PV-device characterization.Nikolaus joined Sunplugged as R&D staff in 2014. He is responsible for characterizing the complex layer stack of Sunplugged’s CIGS solar cell. Currently he is developing inline characterization methods to establish a precise quality control system.

Jascha Riedl, MsC

Master of Applied Physics at the University of Heidelberg

Jascha Riedel has studied applied Physics at the University of Heidelberg and made his Master at the University of Innsbruck in the field of computational physics. During his master studies he started with the software development of web handling systems at Sunplugged  and is now working on the software development for the improved  Roll-to-Roll processes and for the digitally controlled Monoscribe Interconnection process.

David Stock, MsC

PhD in Applied Physics at the University of Innsbruck, Austria

David Stock has studied Physics and works at Sunplugged with a focus on measuring the composition and characterizing the surface of the CIGS-layers of the solar cells produced in the pilot production. Besides that, David Stock pursues his PhD Thesis in the domain of CIGS solar cells at the University of Innsbruck.